Ligerking™ 420 Smoke King Short Sleeve Shirt HD01523

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Ligerking™ 420   Short Sleeve  Shirt


  • Outstanding Character: Ultra soft and comfortable to touch; Enhanced print quality brings out the extra details and extremely vibrant artwork; Produce on-demand so each one is uniquely created just for you.
  • Impressed Material: 100% polyester and 3-D graphic design (in front & back) will never peel, flake, or crack.

Perfect Function:

This shirt is convenient & fully customizable with its versatility for any occasion. It's perfect to you when going to the festival, when watching a movie or going picnic, etc.

It is also the way to expressing the personality which makes people stand out from a crowd.

It's hard to put it into words about how freaking incredible these new shirt are... you'll understand once you touch and experience it for yourself! :)